Julia… at Tyre 2018

If you are one of Julia’s fans and you didn’t have the chance to see her this summer singing in Tyre, then you’d definitely wish you were in my shoes. My friends got us last minute tickets after a lot of efforts, since her concert got sold out in less than 24 hours, so I got the chance to attend her show, for the first time, and don’t worry i got you covered.

Let me just say that I was amazed; it was gigantic! I have watched many famous artists and performances, local and international, (not to compare) but Julia’s concert was at the same level as Adele’s concert in her world tour, yeahh believe me, it exceeded my expectations, the setting, the production, the graphics, and the orchestra composed of maybe more than a hundred musician (my personal estimate).

It was breathtaking and so moving, in Arabic we use the word “عظيم” to describe it. Surely I am not gonna talk about Julia’s performance because i simply can’t, the greatness of her talents is beyond words, I wasn’t a big fan of hers before; i just went along with my friends who are, and she won me over <3

Salutes to Julia, and thanks for the wonderful concert; looking forward for the next one!

Guys, check my mediocre pictures and video attached i’m sure you would love them.



Love, E

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