First date, Your opportunity to make them fall for you

No, I am not going to give relationship advice, I am not qualified to do so, and no one is. You cannot generalize when it comes to human being; there are no rules no guidelines about relationship and dating; trust me you are on your own…However, what I like to share is some ideas I read somewhere about first dates.

Apparently, many of us, according to the first date, decide if they are going to continue dating or no; and many more of us, like me for example, screw up their first dates because they are nervous, they are scared, they pretend to be someone else or I don’t know why!!

Well listen to this, I read it and I tried it and it worked… I can’t guarantee it but give it a try maybe it will work for you as well. When you meet that special person that you really want him to fall head over heels for you, you should really plan well your first dates. I know you are probably thinking a fancy dinner is a great idea, because you get to talk and know each other, but if your goal is to make him fall for you, dinner is not the best choice. A lot can go wrong while you are talking for a long time, not to mention these awkward moments of silent, you all know what I mean 😉

Instead, try something more exciting, a date where you can induce any type of emotion in your partner (fear, pleasure, adrenaline rush,…) and thus this strong feeling of emotions that your date experienced will be transferred towards you thinking that you are the reason behind them

In other words, I quote: “Your partner will be more attracted to you if you place him in an emotionally stirring situation, since emotional arousal and sexual attraction are linked. Anxiety producing experiment creates more emotions”

Find out what moves your partner emotionally; some are moved by an opera or a great concert, other like horse riding, surfing or you can take them on activities that will cause an adrenaline rush like bungee jumping, paintball, adventure park… even horror or action movie can be an emotionally exhausting experience.

Sharing anxiety and talking about stressful situation bring couples together. Didn’t you notice that fairytales are always about a hero who defeats an evil creature to win the love of his life??

In conclusion, a person is more likely to be attracted to another if he is emotionally aroused even if the arousal doesn’t not come from that person but from an anxious situation, he shall link them together.

So the next time you’re planning a first date take my suggestions into consideration. Find out what pulls your date strings, then plan an arousing emotional experience, you don’t have to risk your lives but a little shared anxiety is proven aphrodisiac. Afterwards, of course it is nice to have dinner so you can discuss the traumatic experience.

If it works no need to thank me,



2 Comments on First date, Your opportunity to make them fall for you

  1. Maya
    October 14, 2015 at 4:26 pm (7 years ago)

    Great article! You just convinced me once you mentioned the ” anxiety that leads to the adrenaline rush”. I want a fairytale of my own! I will be trying it! For sure!

    Thank you in advance;)

  2. Di
    October 20, 2015 at 12:50 pm (7 years ago)

    thank you! Hopefully will try it in 2015 😉


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