Fall in love or just walk into it.

What’s love anyway? why do we have this urge to love and be loved even if we are not quite sure what does it feel.
Many people in my entourage, explain love being in a constant state of happiness and satisfaction; I guess they have their feelings mixed up. Love is different from happiness, different from being content, and if you constantly miss a person it does not mean you love him, or maybe it does? I’m really clueless when it comes to LOVE.
I once met a guy, we dated for a while and one day he told me the famous three words: I Love You. After a while we broke up because his father wouldn’t agree on our relationship, he wanted him to marry a girl he would choose for him. No no it wasn’t in the middle ages or anything, it was a year ago. No no we are not from different religion, nor from different social class (he is not a prince) and also he is not younger than me… So it all ended when it stopped being convenient. The man once “loved me” is a stranger now, if we bump into each other we don’t say Hi.
I’m not a relationship guru and I probably don’t have the right to define love, but in my opinion, people have many needs: physical, psychological, emotional, financial or social needs. We have discovered that by saying: I love you, we fullfil most of our needs. These words has became magical, like “open sesame”…TRARA…we get what we want.
In conclusion, if few expectation and requirments are not fullfiled things will fall apart it doesn’t matter how much I love you has been said. Love is just a mutual benefit scheme. we walk into love by choice, we don’t fall in love.

My story, my opinions, many will disagree, take the time to proove me wrong.


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