Free medical consultation for Covid patients, in Lebanon, Call 1760. What to expect if you get Covid19 (day-by-day symptoms, based on my personal experience)

My son and I during covid

The internet is filled with information about the corona virus, you just type “CO” on Google and automatically a list of Q&A about Covid appears.

Nonetheless, when you are infected you tend to look for more detailed answers concerning your condition, well don’t. Only a healthcare professional is qualified to support you during this period, because each person exhibit symptoms differently and you need to be closely monitored to prevent complication.

The Lebanese Red Cross provides free phone consultation with a specialized Dr. just call them on 1760 for any question.

After 2 years of dodging Corona, finally, my husband infected me on 29 November 2021, note that he is fully vaccinated, he had 2 shots of Astrazeneca vaccine, unfortunately an unvaccinated colleague infected half of the company and their families, including me.

Actually, my husband infected my 4-year-old son, who transmitted the virus to me. I am shy to say that I am still unvaccinated; it is not that I am against it, but here in Lebanon you cannot pick the vaccine you want and I don’t want Astra vaccine so I am waiting till Pfizer is available to my age group.

You may be wondering how was it????

 I will tell you all about it maybe you can relate if you are going through covid now and you are bored in the house. If you are having racing thoughts worried what will happen to you, my story will give you comfort trust me.

DAY 1-2: Really nothing much happened, flu like symptoms: stuffed nose , minor headache and low-grade fever I took vitamins of course (vitamin C – zinc – vitamin D) and paracetamol to reduce fever , I was being able to cook , clean , take care of the kids.

DAY 3 : On this day , shit got real, I couldn’t get out of bed , I slept the entire day , my husband had to wake me up to eat and take my meds.

If you Google Covid symptoms, Google will share an exhaustive list of symptoms: Headache, muscle pain, nausea, runny nose, sore throat, cough, yellow mucus…  I had them all but not so serious.

DAY 4 : Pretty much same as day 3 , but with new symptoms of course. Numbness of hands and feet, I took magnesium to relieve it. I guess I experienced some diarrhea or maybe because I started eating old food since no one was cooking.

I asked mom to send me food  , “thanks mom” & my sisters after fighting with them for not checking up on me; felt guilty and got me take out; Chinese and Italian food my favorites. “thanks Nour and Joanna”

Day 5 : I lost the sense of smell , that’s the weirdest symptoms of all , it was something that I never experienced in my life.

Day 6: the Dr. warned me that the peak will be around day 7-8-9, I should monitor my oxygen level closely, but starting day 6 symptoms started to clear. I took a shower, got my shit together, I tided up the house and we even went for a car ride at night for fresh air.

Day 7-8-9-10 : Mostly stuffy nose and nothing much , stopped all meds , and feeling a lot better

On day 11: I did a PCR , but it came positive so really wait till day 15 to do the PCR. I had no symptoms at all after day 11 , I even got my smell sense back on the 14 day I guess that’s when I was sure that I will more likely test negative

In summary, symptom starts by day 3 and last around 1 week. I have not experienced any tightness of breath nor low oxygen level thanks god. It passed without the need of a hospital, I was lucky, I was also lucky to have such an amazing husband by my side , it was all his fault from the first place but he bared all my nagging and anger during the entire week without complaining.

Also I was thankful for the Red cross , the Dr. was really professional , and surprisingly the municipality of Antelias was more worried about our health than my mom , they called us on a daily basis to make sure that we are ok.

Thinking about it now, I am glad that I was infected prior to the holidays, in that way I could enjoy all gathering and festivities worry free.

Love E

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