My name is eliane

Hello again, I feel that barely anyone visits my page😔, I tried before to make my blog successful but unfortunately I failed, maybe I was not committed enough or I’m not much an influencer as I would like to be , but one thing I am sure about is that I am not a quitter.

So, lets try again;

Hello world
I, Eliane, After being the single lady, party animal, became a 33 years old mother/ wife with brown hair. A mother of 2 angels/monsters, James and Joleen and the wife of the most supporting loving husband Dany.

We live in lebanon , if you heard about my country, you must be familiar with its crisis. In resume, the year 2020 was a big disappointment and a setback , so all our efforts in the time-being is to provide a stable life for our family. A journey that i will be blogging about

If you are still wondering what do i do for living, My career went through ups and downs , i will leave this story for another post but rest assured that i work hard like all of you

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