How to Help Kids Sleep Early and Wake Up for School for Better Academic Performance

The Importance of Sleep

The general issue with kids waking up for school is that they are not getting enough sleep. The reason they are not getting enough sleep is because they are having trouble sleeping early. There can be multiple factors for this, but the main reason is the use of technology before bed. Kids who stay up late playing games, watching TV, or using their phones before bed will not be able to fall asleep as easily as those who go straight to bed after dinner. This can lead to problems getting enough sleep and waking up earlier than normal in the morning

Sleeping is vital for kids’ health and it’s essential for their energy levels. They need to sleep early at night so they can wake up fresh in the morning and be ready to face the day with full energy.

A lot of parents are trying all sorts of ways to get their kids sleep on time, but not all of them work.

One way that some parents try is giving them a reward if they go to bed on time. For example, if they go to bed before 8pm, they get a small treat such as a piece of chocolate or ice cream. But as we know, rewards can only be given so many times before it loses its effectiveness and kids stop responding positively to it. This is why this approach doesn’t always work well..

Steps to Establish a Better Sleeping Routine

  1. Determine your child’s optimal bedtime: Consider how many hours of sleep they need, and the required wake-up time for school.
  2. Gradually shift bedtime: Adjust a child’s bedtime back a few minutes each night with a goal of getting them to sleep half an hour earlier by the end of a week.
  3. Adjust wake-up time: If they are going to bed 30 minutes earlier, get them up 30 minutes earlier
  4. Keep a consistent schedule: establishing a regular routine encourages good sleep habits. Including a wind-down period & sticking to a regular bedtime will promote better sleep.
  5. Relax before bedtime: this is a very important step as it clears your child’s head from all the daytime events and stories. you can read a story, talk about the events that occured during the day, what did they like or dislike on that day. Some children might need longer wind-up time, give it to them, and account for it during your sleeping routine
  6. Eat the right amount at the right time: Make sure your child has a satisfying evening meal at a reasonable time. Feeling hungry or too full before bed can make your child more alert or uncomfortable. This can make it harder for your child to get to sleep. In the morning, a healthy breakfast helps to kick-start your child’s body clock at the right time.
  7. Get plenty of natural light in the day: Researchers encourage parents to expose their children to as much natural light as possible during the day, especially in the morning. Bright light suppresses melatonin. This helps your child feel awake and alert during the day and sleepy towards bedtime

What are your thoughts on the matter, are your kids giving you hard time before falling asleep? what did you try? what worked and what hasn’t, let me know your thoughts on the matter.


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