Majida El Roumi sang to our souls in Jounieh Festival 2015

Summer, when the skin gets darker, the drinks get colder, the music gets louder and all festivities start. Fun times are upon us, so get your skort and your top ready, and let’s shake it!!

Last night, The Diva Majida El Roumi launched the Jounieh International Festival 2015, in a very enchanting performance. A huge crowd of fans filled Fouad Chehab stadium, from different ages and different nationalities and all were mesmerised by the diva’s show.
Unexpectedly Majida surprised us with an Armenian medley, as a tribute to the Armenian people, accompanied by dancers who i guess performed an Armenian traditional dance. she even sang in Armenian !!!! i am sure you are curious to see it, check this link:

As usual she also introduced a new single by the name of “تتوحد الدنيا” which means “the world unites” as a call to all Arab politicians to unite against the political situation in the area.

Tatawahad el Dunya

Finally, she answered the fans demands and ended the show with her famous “YA BAYRUT” song.

For everybody who missed it i hope my post will help you catch a glimpse of it and make sure to watch it next year

The Bow

The Crowd

Armenian Folk Dance

Lebanese Dabke

Angelic Voice

An Honor


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