The Garbage problem

As much as I hesitated before writing about the “Garbage Crisis” we are facing, today I changed my mind.
Actually I am not only upset that the garbage is piling up due to the corruption in our system, but I am more upset about how we are reacting towards it. All what we are doing is making fun of the situation, I heard many jokes about it, saw lots of pictures that mocks the problem. Every time I open any social media app. it is filled with graphics concerning our garbage, someone created a game about garbage!!! I know it is funny and entertaining, the photos are really creative; but why don’t we use this creativity into finding solution.

Being sarcastic won’t help much, and when it comes to me, I don’t like to reflect a really bad image about my country. Yes the government is corrupt, yes what’s happening is really unbelievable but when you face a problem in your home do you go around and spread it all over the social media???

Lebanon is our home and we should cherish it and try our best to help it rise after each crisis. I know it is a strategy to pressure the government but I am sure we can manage without all the mockery.

Actually I will be sharing constructive picture on how we should react:
I took a photo about a pile of garbage in Ashrafieh today:



Notice how the garbage bags are all black and well organized, it shows the residents of Ashrafieh has started separating their garbage.

Start spreading awareness about recycling and waste management instead of being sarcastic.

Garbage segregation guideline

Garbage segregation guideline

Uber is also launching a recycling campaign, they will collect your recyclable trash and send it to ARCENCIEL, download their application and select UberRecycle and you will find out all about this initiative to help cleaning our streets,

Stop the mockery people,don’t you agree ?



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